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AIFC is a programming game. Players write the artificial intelligence for robot space fleets which do battle in a simulated universe. The source code is copyright Devon Ellis and is distributed under the GNU General Public License. A binary is available for Win32 (x86) environments. Ports are planned in the future.


latest news:
  • 2003-09-03 packages-roadmap picture - aiforge
  • 2003-07-25 fcomm32 code-cleanup/reduce- aiforge
  • 2003-07-21 aiforge started an java fcomm clone (disussion)
  • 2003-07-20 classic fcomm (now called fcomm32) port done by aiforge is ready
  • 2003-07-07 devon ellis rejoined the team (thx dennis) and republished the source code (missing dialog-resource files available)
  • 2003-07-01 fcommx visualc6/win32 port done by aiforge
  • 2003-06-28 dennis luehring aka aiforge joined the team
  • make fcomm32 more WINE compatible (low speed under WINE) - before starting the linux port - aiforge
  • we need a preview of jfcomm - folk





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Fleets and guides.

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