AI Fleet Commander GPL

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AIFC is a programming game. Players write the artificial intelligence for robot space fleets which do battle in a simulated universe. The source code is copyright Devon Ellis and is distributed under the GNU General Public License. A binary is available for Win32 (x86) environments. Ports are planned in the future.

You can beta-test the program by downloading it and trying it out.
If you notice an error or strange behaviour, post a bug report or comment in a forum.

There are many ways to contribute. See the task list.
(If you have suggestions for tasks post in one of the forums.)

Source code

The source code is stored on the Sourceforge server in a CVS repository.

If you would like to work on it, join Sourceforge and send a message to the member lodsw (me) so that I can add you to the list of developers.

See the Sourceforge docs for more information. (I will write a guide when I've got used to it :-)